Status icons

On the screen you will see some special status icons.


The health of the current hedgehog is shown in the top right corner. Additional to that, there are a couple of icons.

Note: The health is not shown if the the “Invulnerable” game modifier is active.

Health icon

This is shown next to the hedgehog health. There are 4 variants of the health icon.

Health icon Normal health
Poison icon Poisoned
Medic icon “Paramedics” game modifier is active
Medic icon Poisoned, and “Paramedics” game modifier is active

Effect icons

These icons appear next to the health icon to signify health-related hedgehog effects.

See Hedgehog for details about these effects.

Invulnerable icon Invulnerable
Vampirism icon Vampirism
Resurrectable Resurrected on death
Karma icon “Karma” game modifier is in effect

Status indicators

At the bottom right corner, above the wind bar, you can see status indicators for active effects that are not related to health:

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