Saved game

A saved game is a file for Hedgewars that contains a game that has been aborted. You can use saved games to continue a previously aborted game.

Start playback

To watch a demo, go to the “play on a single computer” menu, then push the “disk” button.

Note that saved games can only be played if they were created from a compatible Hedgewars version. Saved games from incompatible versions will be hidden in the game.

For example, a saved game that was created in version 0.9.23 can only be played in Hedgewars 0.9.23.

Starting a saved game

Just select a saved game from the list and start it. First, Hedgewars will simulate the game to the point when it got saved. This can take a while. Then the game will continue at the point where it was aborted.


Saved games are created automatically when you quit from a game.


Saved games are saved in Saves in your user directory. These files have the file name suffix “.hws”. Technically, saved games very similar to demos.

Saved games are usually pretty small in file size.

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