Click the “spanner” icon in the lower right corner of the main menu to access the configuration menu. In here, it's possible to change many aspects of the game.

Team config icon Teams

  • Add a new team or change team name, members, etc.

Weapon scheme iconSchemes

Graphics settings icon Graphics options

  • Fullscreen: Render the game in fullscreen mode on the engine.
  • Resolution: The screen resolution (width and height) at which to run the game.
  • Quality: Quality and smoothness of graphics in-game. Increasing the quality will reduce jags and edged seen, but might have a negative influence on the performance on ancient computers.
  • Zoom: Set the initial zoom level
  • Stereoscopy: Render the game in stereoscopic 3D, either using anaglyph images or autostereoscopy. This makes sense if you have something like 3D glasses.
  • FPS limit: Maximum number of frames rendered per second by the engine.
  • Show FPS: Show number of frames rendered per second on the screen during the game.
  • Alternative damage show: Show a pop-up with damage numbers every time a weapon is fired, instead of only at the end of a round.
  • Show ammo menu tooltips: Show an extensive weapon description in a tooltip when hovering an ammo in the ammo menu with the cursor
  • Frontend fullscreen: Run the game in fullscreen mode, instead of windowed mode.
  • Frontend effects: Enable some animations: Falling stars in the background and animated page transition when you go to a different menu.
  • Displayed tags: Select which tags will be displayed above hedgehogs by default, such as health or hedgehog name. You can also change the hedgehog tags in-game, see Controls.
  • Custom colors: Select a custom set of clan colors. If the color is very dark, tags will use an inverted color scheme.

Note: “Frontend” here means the main menu and all other menus outside of an active game, e.g. settings menu, campaign menu, online play, etc.

Audio settings icon Audio options

  • Initial sound volume: Percent volume of sound played in game
  • Enable game sound: Play sounder effects, such as gun shot and explosions, in the game. This is required to play sounds. Disabling this option might improve performance slightly on ancient computers.
  • Enable game music: Play background music in the game. This is required to play background music. Disabling this option might improve performance slightly on ancient computers.
  • Dampen when losing focus: When the Hedgewars window loses focus, the sound will automatically have reduced volume. If you don't like this, turn it off.
  • Enable frontend sounds: Play sound effects in frontend, such as clicks.
  • Enable frontend music: Play background music.

Controls iconControls

You can customize your global controls here.

These controls will be used by default for all teams. Note that teams themselves can provide their custom controls scheme, see Team.

Video recording icon Video recording

Settings for recording videos. Videos are video files like MP4, WebM, etc. that you can play in a media player like VLC media player. These settings are about the video file formats and quality.

Note that videos are not the same as demos.

Giving a detailed explanation about video file formats here would be too much for this guide. Please look up the various file formats and tutorials about videos online. Using the default settings should be just fine in most of the cases.

To record a video in-game, press the video recording key. If you have problems with recording videos, try to use default settings.

Note this tab is only available if your Hedgewars version supports video recordings.

Network settings icon Network

  • Nickname: Your nickname when playing online, or your account name on
  • Password: (Optional) Password at Only needed if user has an registered account. Used for playing online.
  • Proxy: (Optional) Required if the connected network uses a proxy. Used for playing online.

Advanced settings icon Advanced

  • Locale: Language used in game. If left at System default, the language of the operating system will be used.
  • Append date and time to record file name: Append date and time to the file name whenever demo records are saved.
  • Associate file extensions: Makes saved games and demo records open in Hedgewars when clicked. See also: File types.

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