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  1. Update, 2023-03-21 23:25 (UTC): Outgoing mail (i.e. password reset) works again
  2. Update, 2023-03-22 01:40 (UTC): Our code repository has returned from the dead
  3. Update, 2023-03-22 21:45 (UTC): Even although I'm pretty sure Hedgewars doesn't have any bugs whatsoever, ahem, our bugzilla is back.
  4. Update, 2023-03-23 21:50 (UTC): The Knowledge Base's Web-Interface allows KB admins to edit pages again.
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DLC issues for Hedgewars 1.0.0 on Windows

[Update 2021-12-02] Thanks to sheepluva for a manual fix to our cert, 1.0.0 direct link should work again in Windows. However, the unit22 link will not, at least for now.

One of the interesting things about Windows is that almost all distribution is similar to the "Snap/Flatpak" model - instead of distros managing packaging and updating with a single library used by hundreds of apps, all libraries have to be included by the app, with hundreds of copies of the library instead. This lack of unified package management probably explains 20GB C:\Windows\Installer folders too.

It appears the version of OpenSSL in the 1.0.0 Hedgewars is no longer functioning with DLC. This could be due to: https://scotthelme.co.uk/lets-encrypt-old-root-expiration/

As a workaround pending a new release, Windows users can access the DLC page here (it's the exact same page that is shown in client):

You can then download the HWPs off that page and manually copy them to your Data folder which should be My Documents/Hedgewars/Data. The icon in the lower right on the DLC page should also open this folder and should still work.

New Antarctic theme

The forum user “KIRA” recently created a beautiful new theme called “Antarctic”.

This theme has been added as optional add-on.

You can download this theme in the “Downloadable Content” section of the game.
Just click on “Downloadable Content” in the main menu, then on “Antarctic_v4”, restart Hedgewars and you should be ready to go!

Enjoy! Smile

You can give feedback in the forums.

EDIT 2020-10-09: Today, two more cool themes by Kakcoo from the year 2016 have been added as well: Doktor_v1 and Teknologi_v1. Discussion.

how do i update it on mint

So at 1:07 in the morning my time, someone from the other side of the world posted this...
01:07 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint
01:09 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint
01:09 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint
01:09 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint
01:09 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint
01:09 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint
01:09 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint
01:09 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint
01:09 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint
01:09 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint
01:09 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint
01:09 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint
01:09 < REDACTED> how do i update it on mint

Then quit...

Seemed like a good opportunity to cover your options when you are on linux.
First off, usually your package manager is responsible for this, not the people volunteering to bang code together (although we often end up doing distro tech support too).

Mint is an interesting case. It's loosely based off ubuntu, but without the "App Store" so installing packages is a bit more Debian-y.
Basically on Ubuntu/Mint in order of preference you should use:
1) Official release package if it is up to date
2) Backports/Updates package if it is up to date

3) https://launchpad.net/~costamagnagianfranco/+archive/ubuntu/hedgewars (PPA by the current maintainer of the Debian/Ubuntu packages)

Debian/Devuan is about the same except (3) is manual and at your own risk.

If all else fails, you can try installing the .debs for the version of Debian or Ubuntu that most closely matches what your distro was derived from, or try our build instructions.

I haven't brought up other distros here, but usually we don't have problems with them. Occasionally with Arch.

Hedgewars 1.0.0 released!


Big Grin Cake Big Grin Cake Big Grin Cake Big Grin

1.0.0 is here!


That's right, Hedgewars version 1.0.0 has been released!

Oh boy, it has finally happened! It was a long, long journey, but we reached our destination! Version 1.0.0 is a major milestone for this game, as its the first version we find confident to share with a wider audience.

Compared to version 0.9.25, this release contains mostly a cleanup of existing features and bugfixes. Basically stuff you'd expect for a “worthy” 1.0.0 release.

Have fun! Smile

Go to the Download page to obtain Hedgewars.

Noteworthy changes

  • Campaigns now use your team identity instead of ignoring it
  • Single missions can now be played with your favourite teams and keep track of your progress
  • Hand-drawn maps can be scaled with a slider
  • Quick games are more random
  • Homing bee can be used as secondary ammo
  • Can change hedgehog order in The Specialists
  • Various small HUD improvements
  • Various controls improvements and bugfixes

Read the full changelog.

Follow this link to read the full post!

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