0.9.11 Released!

Initially proposed as a quick maintenance release, it kept growing.

You can download it  HERE

The OSX build is now available. For those who downloaded it prior to roughly 2009-05-25 00:40 UTC please download again, there were some missing libraries.

  • Speech Bubbles - during your turn, have your hedgehog express himself.  In chat, use "regular speech"  'thought bubbles'  -action bubbles-  with the quote marks completely surrounding the entire typed text.  You can also use /hsa /hta /hya to fire off a bubble at the moment of your attack.

  • New graves and hats, my favourite grave being the dead hedgehog.  Also some tweaks to theme graphics.

  • Two new taunts - a /shrug and /juggle -ing.

  • New mobster voice! Also a remake of the default voice set.

  • Animated stars in the frontend.  If you want to turn them off, use the Frontend Effects checkbox in settings.

  • Plenty of new theme music and a new frontend theme.

  • Some new game modes. Karma, any injury you caused (not including drowning) is dealt to you too, unless invulnerable.  Vampirism, where you feed off damage you deal, gaining 80% of it.  Artillery, where your hog can not move about.

  • Options to control mine quantity and timer.  Those are made use of in a Minefield scheme/weapon set as one of the default sets.

  • The sniper rifle demonstrated in previous news post.

  • Various fixes such as: prevent desync when a player quits, fix a crash at end of game in reduced quality, bug in synching changes to map and scheme in room, fix bug in disconnection from server, hedgehogs keep hats while jumping, bug in rope/parachute when drowning with active girder/teleport, bug in rope that on rare occasion deleted it on firing and an alternate font for Chinese/Japanese text that should render correctly in-game.

  • In addition, hopefully any missing graphics and maps that didn't make it into 0.9.10 are now correctly represented in this release.


               What's Next?

Next on our todo list is construction mode, this mode has both teams constructing a fort to battle on, and then battling it out on the forts they create. To build the forts teams are given a build period and lots of different objects to use, crates, girders, flags, barrels, and more.

You can read about construction mode here:  http://www.hedgewars.org/node/1269

Also, in the next version we will be renabling user login to the gameserver using your hedgewars.org account. On top of this we will begin tracking stats!  Things like total wins/losses, perhaps some achievements. We'll also be displaying this information on hedgewars.org, so everyone in the forums can see just how well you're doing.

Also, as with every new release.. we plan to have another tournament!

Registration for the 0.9.11 tournament will begin soon, this tournament will be 2v2 in nature, so you better begin finding a partner. Expect details and rules in a post soon.

Oooh, pretty stars Big Grin

Kinda liked the other theme music a bit better though Annoyed

Great job! Smile

Time to compileSmile

Awesome shiny new release. Tried vampirism, sniper and the minefield mode. Very entertainin. Keep it coming Big Grin
The bubble text feature is nice, but maybe you could exclude "-.-" which is a common smiley among folks here Wink Smiley Oh, and thanks a lot for the desync fix, was drivin me crazy.

Nice release but the stars (which I have since diabled) brings Windows 7 to its knees.

I'm surprised the stars are screwing up Windows 7 - I admittedly don't have a Windows system to test on, but on my linux box, after the optimisations that are in place on the release, the stars only take up about 15% of the CPU - not exactly a big deal since they stop once the game starts anyway.

And my machine is not exactly high powered.

I can't believe that 0.9.11 is already here, hot on the tail of 0.9.10! Are there plans to release a Debian package as with previous versions? I don't mind compiling from source, but I know a lot of people who will be very happy to have an easy-to-install .deb
Big Grin

Big Grin Thanks! Downloading it now. Smile

EDIT: Have noticed something...

Even if it's not your turn, you can type something and display it as a speech-bubble. Well, that's ok, but the problem is that the bubble appears as if the guy, who's turn it is at this time, said/thought that. Needs to be fixed I think. When you speak, the balloon has to appear always above the head of one of your guys.

EDIT: Great stuff. Big Grin

The speech bubbles you see when you make one and it's not your go, are not seen by anyone else but you. So although you can make other players hogs talk, you are the only one that can see it.. good for making videos and things maybe?

A .deb will be up soon I'm sure, we're not the ones who make them usually, someone submits them to getdeb. But it never takes long.

I'll take a look at the -.- smiley and see what we can do there, but if you put a space before the -.- it will send as a normal chat message.


Tiy and rbaleksander are a little behind the times.

Speech bubbles when it is not your turn do *not* work, they do *not* display, that was a last minute change Tiy missed Smile. They are simply displayed as ordinary speech. It would be possible to make speech bubbles work all the time, the concern was interfering with turns.

It could be an option perhaps, but doesn't seem like that good an idea...

wooojjjuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! great news!! yes yes yes yes yeeeeeees

nemo allegedly wrote:

Tiy and rbaleksander are a little behind the times.

Speech bubbles when it is not your turn do *not* work, they do *not* display, that was a last minute change Tiy missed Smile. They are simply displayed as ordinary speech. It would be possible to make speech bubbles work all the time, the concern was interfering with turns.

Big Grin When was this change made. I downloaded it today at about 0630h AM my time. Smile Is there a new version of the current release already?

does the client still eat up all available CPU?

edit: yep, still does. and hwengine still hangs sometimes when trying to exit the game

urandom, are you using Jaunty?

If so, Ubuntu's Pulseaudio is even more broken than usual with SDL.
I've run into the same issues.

hwengine hanging - kill pulseaudio, hwengine will be able to exit

Client sucking up CPU - turn off music and restart - frontend SDL not playing nice with pulseaudio will be solved.

nice release!

@urandom: I had to uninstall pulseaudio, it works like a charm now

I've had trouble with pulseaudio in other programs too but not sure I want to remove it. Installing this package seems to do the trick for me on jaunty

sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio

@halfrabbit: yep, figured that was it when nemo mentioned sdl and pulseaudio.

About 2v2: can we know anything about the rules? I really hope turn time won't be more than 15 secs, so we could see and have some nice fast action play.

Alright! The .deb is up at GetDeb. Compiled for Ubuntu Jaunty.

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