Fix for occasional crash when running Windows, and using German / Swedish / Brazilian locales.

Note. This only impacts users using the German, Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese locales. Thanks to Henek for investigating and identifying the offending strings.

A crash was discovered as of this release, probably related to the increase in translated text. It impacts only these 3 well maintained locales, and only under Windows. The reason for it isn't precisely known (Freetype2 bug? some underlying Windows system thing it uses?). We do have a couple of workarounds though.

1) Easiest. Just switch to English or some other language you understand that is not German/Swedish/Brazilian Portuguese in config settings. Don't forget to restart Hedgewars after changing languages.

2) Change the crashing strings. Henek has thoughtfully fixed the few strings with similar ones that don't seem to crash.
a) Download
b) Go to C:\Documents and Settings\Hedgewars\share\hedgewars\Data\Locale and copy 3 files in the zip there.

We're gonna look into this, hopefully a better solution can be found.

Let us know if any other locales have problems!

Oh, then there is solution #3... install Linux

Just go with #3. It'll fix a whole load of other problems such as:

Slow computer.

Computer that refuses to do what you want it to do.

Computer that installs 500,000 copies of the same library on your system.

Computer that refuses to tell you what it's doing and why the hell it's taking so long.

Computer that catches the flu every time you open that lump called IE

#1 and 2 are probably easier though...

Heard it here first... if you want your game to run smoothly use Linux.

I updated my game from 0.9.13 and now it crashes before starting. I have an Italian Windows 7 Home premium with updated Nvidia graphics.

pastebin your game0.log, 11th.

Odd, it now works. It asked me to input a username and it all went straight.

Well, I'll have another chance when I'll put it on my laptop.

I just searched for an hour for this bug. Please make a bug fix release or at least put this site on the FAQ Sad Smiley

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