Missions are essentially scripted maps with a specific objective your hedgehogs must accomplish in order to win. Missions come in three forms: campaign missions, single mission (in singleplayer) and mission maps (in multiplayer).

Campaigns Missions

There are 24 campaign missions in 2 campaigns:

Single Missions

Single missions include training missions (to teach you how to play), challenges (you try to reach a good time or score) and scenarios (you have to complete a goal to win).

List of single missions (excerpt):

  • Bazooka Training
  • Grenade Training
  • Shotgun Training
  • Sniper Rifle Training
  • Bamboo Thicket
  • Climb Home
  • Dangerous Ducklings
  • Diver
  • Newton and the Hammock
  • Spooky Tree
  • Teamwork

Mission Maps

A mission map is an image map with a mission attached to it which can be played in multiplayer mode.

  • Basketball
  • ClimbHome
  • Control
  • CTF_Blizzard
  • Knockball
  • TrophyRace

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