Game modifiers

Hedgewars' basic gameplay can be modified with various built-in game modifiers as part of the game scheme configuration. This page explains all of them.

Opposite team sides

If active, the start positions of the hedgehogs will be at opposing terrain sides, where the hedgehogs of one clan start at the left side of the terrain and the other hedgehogs start at the other side. This modifier has no effect if “Place hedgehogs” is enabled, too.

This mode also works with more than 2 clans. In this case, the clans are distributed in equally sized horizontal sections of the map.

Indestructible terrain

The terrain can not be destroyed or damaged, with these exceptions:

Additionally, snow flakes (→Theme) won't pile up with this game modifier in place.


The terrain is sorrounded by an indestructible border except for the bottom (See Bottom border).

On maps with this kind of border, the following air-borne weapons are removed from the game, regardless of weapon scheme settings.

Lower gravity

The gravity is halved, and the Low gravity utility is removed from the weapon set.

See also: Gravity.

Laser sight

The laser sight utility is permanently activated for the active hedgehog, helping with aiming. Laser sight is removed from the weapons set.


The invulnerable utility is permanently activated for all hedgehogs, even for those not playing yet. Additionally, the invulnerable utility is removed from the weapons menu and crates, and health crates won't usually drop.

Switch hedgehog

At the beginning of each turn, you are able to switch a hedgehog with the Switch Hedgehog for free, as if you would have activated the Switch Hedgehog utility.


All living and healthy hedgehogs will be healed up to the initial health (but not higher) at the end of each turn. Hedgehogs with a health higher than the initial health will keep their health.

In Sudden Death, the hedgehogs will still be healed, but the upper health is reduced each turn by the Sudden Death damage. There is a similar rule for lonely kings in King Mode.

Poisoned hedgehogs will still be healed, but the maximum health to which they are healed to will be reduced by 1 for each turn they are poisoned.

In the Paramedics mode, the health icon (→Status icons) will look like this:


Vampirism is always active. The current hedgehog gains 80% of the damage it causes. Additionally, the vampirism utility is removed from the weapons menu and crates, because it is not needed there.


Attacking hedgehogs will receive the same amount of damage they deal to other hedgehogs.

Tip: This penalty can be prevented if the invulnerable utility is active.

When Karma is in effect, this icon will be visible:


Walking is disabled. Hedgehogs can still jump, but only straight upwards. See also: No Jumping

Random team order

If this is disabled, the teams will play in the same order as they appear in the team list. Otherwise, the teams will play in a random order.

Note the team order is randomized only once. Once the team/clan playing order has been picked, it will stay that way for the rest of the match.

Random team order is often enabled as it's considered to be more fair.

See rules of the game to learn more about how turn order works.

King Mode

The first hedgehog of each team becomes its king who is stronger than the “common” hedgehogs. Teams who lose their king are eliminated. The last clan with at least 1 king left wins.

There is much more to this game modifier, see King Mode for a full explanation.

Place hedgehogs

At the start of the game, every player first places all hedgehogs. After all hedgehogs are placed, the actual game begins.

Each player has a fixed time of 15 seconds (+ready time) to place each hog. Note that while in the placement period, a player can choose to skip a turn, in which the hedgehog will be placed randomly. If a player runs out of time in the placement period, the hedgehog is also placed randomly.

If this modifier is enabled, the modifier “Opposite team sides” will have no effect.

Shared ammo

Hedgehogs in the same clan share their ammo.

This game modifier is mutually exclusive with “Per-hog ammo”. If the game modifier “Shared ammo” is enabled, this game modifier will be disabled.

Disable girders

No girders (bridges) in random maps are placed.

Disable land objects

No land objects (i.e. a melon piece in the Fruit theme) are placed in random maps.

AI Survival

All AI-controlled hedgehogs will be immediately revived and placed at a random place after they've died.

As this makes the AI teams undefeatable, the human teams must try to survive as long as possible.

In-game, all teams will have a score displayed next to them. Human teams get a point for each killed AI hog, AI teams get a point for each killed human hog.

Infinite attacks

Weapons which would normally end your turn (i.e. bazooka) won't end your turn with this game modifier enabled. Thus the turn only ends if your hog takes damage, dies, uses Time Box, runs out of time or uses Skip.

There is no retreat time in this mode.

Beware: If the last enemy has been killed in your turn, your turn will end almost immediately. So make sure you're on a safe spot before you deal the final blow.

Reset weapons

The weapon sets of all hedgehogs are reset to their starting values after each turn.

Per-hog ammo

Each hedgehog has its own weapon supply. Using a weapon will only reduce the weapon supply of this hedgehog, rather than for the entire team.

This game modifier is mutually exclusive with “Shared ammo”. If the game modifier “Shared ammo” is enabled, this game modifier will be disabled.

No wind

Wind is disabled.

Heavy Wind

Most weapons and objects will be influenced by wind. Even hedgehogs are not safe from the wind anymore!

Be careful, this game modifier takes some time to getting used to.

The “Heavy Wind” will be temporarily suspended while the turn timer is not running.

Tag Team

Teams in each clan take successive turns sharing their turn time.

This, obviously, changes the turn order.

In this mode, a round is completed after each team has played once, rather than each clan. After each round, the teams are rotated, too, so in each round, the first team playing for a clan is different.

Bottom border

Adds an indestructible border at the bottom of the map. This border is high enough to protect hedgehogs from drowning, but be aware: The border will become useless when the water starts rising in Sudden Death. See also Border.

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