Extra Time


Sloooowpoke! Tick, tock! Tick, tock! Is this the constant noise you hear in your head? Are you a terrible, terrible, slowpoke? Do you spend so long planning that your masterful plans never come to fruition? Don't worry, we have something for that.


Grants you 30 seconds of extra time to carry out your malicious machinations. Nothing more and nothing less.


  • Weapon Slot: 10
  • Assignable as an alt. weapon for rope/parachute/flying saucer
  • Not available if the game scheme has a turn time of 1000 seconds or more
  • Ends turn: No
  • Crate type: Utility

How to use

Pressing the fire key once (default: SPACE) will activate this utility and grant you an extra 30s of turn time.


  • Use Extra Time if you are running out of time, or prior to especially time-consuming operations, like using the portable portal device.
  • You can also trigger this while being on/in a parachute, rope or flying saucer. Just select it and use the jump key (default: ENTER) to activate it.


  • To prevent abuse, the Crazy scheme only offers 2 extra times.
  • If you create a weapon scheme with infinite extra time, players can use this to grant themselves infinite turn time

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