Low Gravity


Low gravity is an utility which reduces the gravity by 50% for the remainder of the current turn.


  • Not available when the “Low Gravity” game modifier is activated
  • Ends turn: No
  • Crate type: Utility


Press Attack once to activate the low gravity.

Effects / hints

The low gravity has the following implications on the environment:

  • Jump higher/further
  • Fall further without damage
  • Go further with Birdy and flying saucer
  • Hogs go further when you hit them with baseball bat, whip or shoryuken
  • Hogs don't come in contact with fire as much before it burns out
  • Hogs sustain less damage after falling

For these reasons, low gravity is good for when you need to move around, but not when you want to use the flame-based weapons, and when you want to cause fall damage.

As a reminder, the low gravity symbol will be displayed above the wind bar as long this utility is stil active.

Using low gravity again when low gravity is already enabled has no effect. You'd just waste your ammo.

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