Time Box


The time box allows hedgehogs to travel through time and space. They will travel into the future and are gone from the map for a while, after which they will appear again somewhere on the map when …

  • … it is the only hog left on its team
  • Sudden Death begins
  • … a random amount of time has past if none of the conditions above apply

When the hog returns to the map, it appears at a random location.


  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: N/A
  • Crate type: Utility

How to use

Activate it using the fire button.

Note: This utility does not work for kings in King Mode, when you're the last hog in your clan or you're in Sudden Death.


  • This utility can be used to get a hog out of a sticky spot (where it is not much of use) or to squirrel away a hog for when sudden death arrives.


  • The Time Box will have the color of the team that uses it


  • Release 0.9.16: Time Box was added

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