Something for the shoppa players

So, this was a relatively simple change, that while it should work ok, will probably require a bit of testing to avoid leaving out too many people w/ wimpier machines. We might even have to institute some sort of machine capabilities indicator for online play.
See Issue 394.
For people who didn't immediately spot it, this is a 4096x4096 map. The issue is for supporting variable map dimensions, this removes the limit on static map PNG sizes, apart from the limits imposed by SDL, your computer, and sanity.

yeah !!
that will be great !!!!

as a shoppa player i just can say :

Maybe for these maps there should be more clouds higher up, because it looks weird with the land so high above it.

Well, gotta say, if you are looking for looks, probably should stick to more normal land dimensions :-p

Not really looking to spend too much time supporting weird dimensions. More a favour to the shoppa guys.

Would require a new theme format really. Think for example, how Underwater theme would work.
Would need new clouds for higher up. And maybe more background stuff too.

i am going to try shoppa out Wink Smiley

Nice. I hope my computer can handle it tho!

well terrain can go over clouds, could make a nice "heaven" zone Smile

Koda allegedly wrote:

well terrain can go over clouds, could make a nice "heaven" zone Smile

Hum. I guess this is theme fixable.

Could add a layer or two of thick default background clouds on all themes apart where it should be disabled for stylistic reasons, like Deep Space.

Big Grin yeah look like I going try shoppa with this map Big Grin

Cool. When will this be usable?

Luelle allegedly wrote:

Cool. When will this be usable?

next release

Next release?? Nice Big Grin :D

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