Invitation to Google Code In 2012

Amazing news just arrived!

Although we had no plans to participate to GCI this year, we got involved the same! The good guys at the Copyleft Game Group invited our team to provide a few tasks and mentoring power.

And so we did, we just submitted around 40 tasks that students from 13 to 17 years of age will be able to tackle, along with the other 100 tasks from the group and thousands from all the other GCI organizations.

We finely tuned the tasks to be well self contained and precise, giving pointers to where to start working. Many tasks do not involve coding at all and were designed to simplify approaching open source projects. Being in a larger group also help leverage the load of mentoring so we believe this year will go smooth.

Head over and start browsing the group task, spread the word with your friends about GCI and get involved in FOSS!

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Wrong URL. is the correct URL.

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Wrong URL. is the correct URL.

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