Google Summer of Code 2013 Announced!

Hey everybody,
Google has just announced Google Summer of Code 2013, the program that brings students in the world of FOSS development by sponsoring them during the summer working on an open source project!

Of course Hedgewars will apply for participation again this year, and perhaps it will host a couple of projects outside the realm of Hedgewars.

No details or idea list are ready yet, but start spreading the word, we're going to have another exciting summer!

Update: Since we're already receiving a few contributors willing to start hacking with Hedgewars, if you need some fresh ideas to carry out, checkout the the TODO page and of course our bug tracker


Depending on whether or not I'm lazy, I may apply for this.

Star, you're in college now?
This is GSoC, not GCI.

nemo allegedly wrote:

Star, you're in college now?
This is GSoC, not GCI.

Oh, eh, er... yeah nevermind about that. *fakesmile*

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