Google Summer of Code 2013 and how to pick up from here

Hi guys,
here are some official news after some leaks spread on the forum.

Hedgewars on its own has been rejected from GSoC 2013, the official reason being only to make room for new orgs to participate. Good luck to all the rookie organizations!

However thanks to Randi's networking and Super Tux Kart support, OpenSUSE has decided to give us a few slots and allowing us to participate under an umbrella org!

So kinda like with GCI 2012, we still are going to mentor a few students after all! Students interested in joining may read our (abridged) ideas list on OpenSUSE Wiki.

Please note that the requirement to have a commit on our codebase, as announced originally, has been waived since we have to comply with our hosting umbrella policies. However patches are always welcome as well as students who submit a nice application form, are active community members and spend some time with us on IRC.

On a side note, we are still working on releasing 0.9.19 next month, stay tuned!

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