0.9.19 beta

Let's get some beta testing done!
Sooner we get this done, sooner we can get things released. Maybe in the next few days? *crosses fingers*

OSX Build
Aaand we finally have a Windows build too. Thanks to koda for providing both.

For Linux users of the Debian/Ubuntu bent, see:
Building on Linux for simple copy and paste build instructions that you can use to build any version of Hedgewars, including this beta (other distros are welcome to provide instructions too!).
For testing purposes, latest tip can be considered "beta" - no desyncing changes have been made.
The builds above are against 8e570c2cb059. So if you want to be certain, use: hg up -r 8e570c2cb059

Don't forget to file bugs!

FWIW, there are 2 bugs caused by the same small well-intentioned change that are now fixed. Can't aim saucer past horizontal (at least in Default) and infinite weapons like cake under some circumstances.

Those building against tip can pick this up, although they cannot play reliably against those on the beta builds after that (that is, stick to 8e570c2cb059 if you want to play people using the executables).

Awesome, look forward to trying it out. Well, when the windows build comes out, at least. Big Grin Let's not be too hasty, though. I think we've burned our fingers a little releasing too soon after a beta in the past.

+1 for mikade words of wisdom. :P

So and what about that Windows build?

Um. Dunno. Ask unc0rr? Smile

By the way, BETA means that no new strings to translate will be added until we release.

Translators, it's showtime!!!

that is so great! ive been whateing for this virson to come out! Big Grin Flying Saucer Hedgehog

I've just updated the it.txt file... However, being very busy with school, I have very little time available. That's whay I'm asking if a developer could please update the source code for me.
Thank you very much in advance! Awesome build, really like Freezer, BTW!

Updated it.txt file: http://chiphome5.webs.com/Hedgewars/Locales/it/LastUpdate16May13/it.txt

applied, thanks

i can help for some french translation if you want Wink Smiley


Well, I'm still getting that old bug, where the settings don't save.
So I'd risk to say a Beta2 might be required.

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