Test Drive your Flying Saucer today!

Guess what?

We recently added the ability to aim and fire weapons from the Flying Saucer! Awesome, right? So, anyway, I'm still trying to put together a mission or two for the new release. This time I took the Flying Saucer out for a spin on the new map, SB_Shrooms!

Fireworks, hey? You gotta love 'em.

That's a powerfull mudball you use ! Smile

Looks very fun to pilot !!

sure i will love it, but doest it work underwater ? Big Grin

How do you aim? Since the arrow keys are already used for steering the Flying Saucer.

Great addition btw, and the map looks nice too. Smile

You use the precise key to aim / fire with power. Takes a bit of practice, but doable as usually you are only pulsing the saucer controls anyway.

These clustermudballs aren't launchable from a submersible state, but others like the bazooka shell and drill rocket are. Big Grin

Hrm. Mudball can't be fired from underwater? Should work... Molotov does, which admittedly doesn't make much sense. Maybe the rag has a substance w/ its own oxidiser Smile

This made my day. I'm really looking forward to next release now.

Also, what does the SB stand for in SB_Shrooms?

SB for StarBound ( the tiyuri game i think ) Wink Smiley

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