Google Summer of Code 2013 - accepted projects

And finally the projects have been announced!

This year we are working under the OpenSUSE umbrella organization and we received two slots. We're very grateful for the opportunity for us and our supporters and excited for the students that are going work with us!

We received about 10 applications, but even with a limited number of submitted project we really had a hard time in selecting the best ones.

Onto the announcement!

- jaree, aka Julia Struchenko, mentored by unc0rr will "make AI smarter":
- master_ex, aka Periklis Ntanasis, mentored by nemo will add a second campaign mission.

A big good luck goes to them (and their mentors) for the fun times ahead and a sincere thank you for all participants for their applications! We are sorry that we couldn't accept you all in our GSoC, but please understand that our rejection wasn't due to neglecting you or not liking your proposal, but only a matter of priorities and constraints.

So everyone hang around and we will keep on the fun!

Hi everyone,

I am very happy that I'll be working on hedgewars this summer! Big Grin

I am going to create a fantastic new mission for hedgewars! Smile

Thanks for accepting me. Congrats to jaree and good luck with her project!

Heey, greetings Master_ex and jaree! Looking forward to the progress on your projects!

Hi,I saw you on terraria online too !

Congrats and good luck, guys.

MantasX12 allegedly wrote:

Hi,I saw you on terraria online too !

Who, me or him?

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