Air Attack


The air attack is the simplest-to-use airborne attack in Hedgewars.
It features 6 air bombs that will rain down onto the location of your choice!


  • Wind-affected: No
  • Base damage per air bomb: 30
  • Air bombs: 6
  • Total damage potential: 6 · 30 = 180
  • Not available in caves
  • Ends turn: Yes
  • Retreat time: 0s
  • Crate type: Weapon

How to use

Move your mouse cursor over the target.
During that your Hedgehog cannot move but instead you can use the left/right movement keys to change direction of impact.

Use a mouse click to conform location and direction.

After a brief moment a plane will appear and drop bombs above it.


  • Because there are 6 bombs being dropped, there is not just one middle bomb falling towards the exact target location, but two middle bombs that will impact a bit left and right of your target.
  • If you use an Air Attack wisely, you can use it in some situations to catapult Hedgehogs into the water.


  • Like all air strikes, Air Attack will not be available in maps with a ceiling (e.g. caves)
  • The airplane will have the color of the attacking team

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