Ongoing situation with mobile port

This is an official Call for Help on the Hedgewars mobile ports.

First of all let me say that *all* the code is still fully available and compilable; in other words, it should be still working fine and dandy on any mobile phone. The Android version currently in the repository is *much* more advanced and feature complete than current alpha on the GooglePlay store, it even has networking play! iOS has received a unified input manager from the Android port and a lot of merging steps have already been done.

We just need someone to look after the code, apply latest library updates and unify the interface module.

Currently it takes a lot of effort to maintain three separate architecture targets and most of the devs are focusing more on the desktop version; in order to develop for mobile a lot of the interface has to be rewritten, as well as input method, and, at least until a few months ago, the supporting libraries were not as mature as today.

Although most of the engine is fairly portable, Hedgewars has a completely separate 'frontend' module which is based on Qt/C++ but is implemented in native Uikit/Objc and Android/Java. This is nice because native development offers a more consistent look'n'feel, but it is a maintenance nightmare, as you have to backport your changes three times. There were some attempt to unify this situation in the past and proposals to have a single codebase to be used everywhere but we could never find a complete replacement.

The binary builds used to be provided by me for iOS and by Xeli and then Medo42 for Android but all of us have found themselves too busy with IRL projects. So if you read this and are interested in mobile development, GUI and game design, jump in, we will really appreciate your effort and you will make countless people happy of playing our game!

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