Space Campaign Menu Map and Checkpoints

Hi all!

As you know the last couple weeks I have started working on the new space adventure campaign. Let me give a glimpse of what I am working on.

As I have mentioned in the forums there will be a special "menu" mission for the hero to move between planets. Here is a picture of this map.


You can see the hero's home planet moon and 3 more planet's(ice,desert and fruit planet). There will be one more but I haven't decided yet what will be the theme of that planet.

Other than that a feature that I am intending to use in the campaign is check points. This means that if hero hog will achieve some difficult or time consuming task in the game then his state will be saved and if he later fails then he'll be respawned to the check point position.

Here's a silent video regarding that:

In this video I demonstrate how checkpoints will work. When the hero hog gets to a specific place then his status will be saved and the next time that he'll load the map he'll continue from there.

In this example when we "play again" the hero will have to play the moon mission, so the game ends. There will be cases where the hero will be able to travel to another planet and play it's missions first.

So, that's for now, I'll try to keep you updated. As always fill free to send me your feedback :)

P.S.: Bonus! In the video you can see the campaign mission image and description in the front end campaign page!

P.S.2: I'll try to add sound to any other future video :P

WOW !!
this is clearly great !!!
i was thinking about sth like this for campaign, and you did it !!

you make a super work, keep doing :p

sure the campaign will be awesome !

Big Grin Thanks!

Looks like a great campaign! Wink Smiley

I would put the land object layers on the right side of the "home planet" behind the land layer, now it looks a little weird.

Cool! Can't wait for more!

Hi! I played the introduction mission of your campaign and I noticed that the storyline at this point can be very easily subverted. I managed to land on the moon without collecting the flying saucer first, I roped to the moon. Big Grin

OK, I should check that the hero has collected the saucer I guess :P

I started with 2 saucers... is that intentional?

No I have added them for debug purposes. You should start with only a rope.

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