Space Campaign First Mission, Moon


I was working the first real mission the past few days. Hero visits the PAoTH station at moon to refuel his flying saucer.

There he is about to meet some PAoTH people that are instructed to help him.
However, the notorious professor Hogevil has arrived first and has set an ambush.

In this mission the Hero has to get some weapons and neutralize the enemies in order to rescue the PAoTH astronauts.

Here is a picture of the map. I am thinking of some changes but overall it will seems like that.


I have finished most of this mission. There are some details that I have to take care of and some decisions regarding how hard the "battle" will be.

Here is a video that displays climbing to the platform, where the weapons are placed, with rope.

What do you think about the difficulty of climbing? Should be harder? By the way there is a checkpoint in that platform, so once you reach there if you later lose, you'll re spawn there.

That's all for now. I'll keep you updated :)

the checkpoint for respawn is a very good idea,

the mission seem good, but in my opinion you should keep us the surprise, i don't know the final result but if we see how to do with rope, the challenge is less interessant, anyway its a good ropind, even if pro shoppa player wont have problem, its is good cause there are lot of player that arent pro shopper, and they need to discover how the rope work sometime so, good Wink Smiley

Congratulation for your work ! Smile

Cheese? Why not do Earthrise?

Good job anyways.

@sphrix: I was in a dilemma about showing how to climb in the video. I decided to show it as it is very straightforward that you have to climb there and I think that by showing it, it doesn't make it much easier.

@Star and Moon: Isn't moon supposed to be made of cheese? Big Grin Anyway, to be honest I will rethink some details like that later, before the final release.

Thanks for the suggestions, they are much appreciated Smile

Star and Moon, you should watch “Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out”, then you will understand. Smile

Climbing was nice. Two issues I noticed in my playthrough:

1) If you don't stop after collecting the crates, but instead go back down using the rope, Hog Solo doesn't register he has picked up the crates and gives the "oh no, I have no weapons I'm doomed speech".

2) After killing the boss, the mission ended, but the next level didn't unlock for me. Not sure why, but I haven't looked into the script myself.

1) That's because I check if gear has stopped. I will consider to not make this check or check if he has actually got the weapons or not before saying that he hasn't weapons.

2) Each time you visit a planet you can see only this planet's missions. After completing the moon mission then you are able to play the ice, desert or fruit planet missions, however you have to visit the planet in the Menu Mission first in order to play them.

Thanks for playing Smile

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