Space Campaign, Last Planet

Hello all!

Last week I worked on the last planet where the hero will have to fight against his arch enemy, Professor Hogevil, in order to acquire the last piece of the device.

This planet's theme is hell and the name of the planet is Death Planet, because it's about an uninhabitable planet with an extremely unfriendly environment.

The mission is finished but I need to make some difficulty adjustments and maybe a few changes that I have in mind.

Call for Testing

As most of the campaign is now completed I would like to invite you to
test it and report any bugs/problems you may notice.

Windows people can download a build here. Just download the zip file, unzip it and run hedgewars.exe

Linux people can build it from source (instructions here) but please notice that you have to build the spacecampaign branch. If you face any problems post a comment below.

Also, you should better backup your hedgewars configuration files.
In Windows they should be in c:\Users\your_username\Documents\Hedgewars
In Linux they are in ~/.hedgewars

If you try it please report in the comments below any bugs that you may face or any suggestions that you may have.

These days I am working on some side missions. I'll tell you more about it the next week.

Thanks! :D

Death Planet was kinda nice. I won this mission, too. It was partly strategy, partly just sheer luck. Big Grin

As far I could see I did not encountered any bugs here.

I just see a logical problem with that mission. If the player managed to kill Dr. Hogevil on the moon already, what would happen on Death Planet? (I just killed the minions on the moon, not Dr. Hogevil).

It is very possible to kill Dr. Hogevil on the moon, altought it’s slightly difficult to do so. I will explain it below the line.

This mission does not have skip turn available. You should add skip turn to any deathmatch-style missions, don’t forget it.

Spoiler Alert! Below this line I will explain a strategy how to win the moon mission.

Here’s how to do it: First rope to the crates and collect them all. Then rope to the top of the vertical bar and stand on it. Try to do the last two steps with just one rope. From here you have a perfect line of sight on Dr. Hogevil and you can shoot him with Deagles, Grenades and Bazookas. It is difficult but possible. It is best to start with deagles in order to push Dr. Hogevil as far to the right as possible. Save a grenade. If you are very good you may already have killed Dr. Hogeville from your position. If not and you used every weapons but a grenade, use your 2nd rope to rope to Dr. Hogevil (difficult) and drop your last grenade LEFT from Dr. Hogevil, while still being on the rope. Now get away from the grenade and watch Dr. Hogevil (hopefully) drown or get out of health and you win. If not, you’ve failed and have to start over. This strategy only works if you are a good roper and a good aimer.

Well, I am working on some changes to that mission so one should require less luck in order to win it Big Grin

Regarding the alive Dr. Hogevil in the last mission. Of course you can kill him (easily or not) in the moon mission but being alive in the last mission is just a plot twist. You see, player should think that he have killed him but actually Dr. Hogevil have managed to survive. I may have to make this more clear through the dialogs but I don't want to make the player get bored by saying too much stuff.

As for your moon mission spoiler, I have thought of such a possibility but I thought that it isn't so easy for most players to do it. However, I will consider making some changes to make it even more difficult or impossible.

Again, thanks for playing Smile

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