Space Campaign, More Side Missions

Hello everyone!

I am going to talk you about some side missions that I was working lately.

These are:
* Precise shooting, Fruit Planet
* Killing the specialists, Death Planet
* Precise flying, Desert Planet

In "Precise shooting" Hog Solo got lost and got ambushed by some "Red Strawberries" hedgehogs. In the mission he has to fight them only by using 2 watermelons, rifle sniper and teleport. When he kills an enemy hog he gets 1 sniper and 1 teleport with max 4 snipers and 2 teleports.

Also, in the first round he has 25 sec to play and in all the other rounds he has 15 sec. However, if he skip a round then the time that has left gets added to the next round.

In "Killing the specialists" Hog Solo gets again into trouble and he has to defeat the team "5 deadly hogs" in their own deadly game. This is again a battle related mission. Each of the 5 enemies control a specific weapon ( one of desert eagle, mortar, bazooka, fire punch and grenade) and the hero has some ammo of all that weapons (plus 2 ropes).

Now, if he kills one enemy, his ammo is restored to the original except the one of the hog that he killed. So, if i.e. he kills the mortar enemy then he won't be able to use mortar again for the rest of the game. A random enemy hog will inherit the deceased hog's weapon.

Also, if hero injure an enemy hog, then he'll get the 30% of the damage inflicted but if he kills an enemy he'll get to 100hp, regardless of his previous hp.

That's all about it. The order that the enemy hogs play is random so this mission may be potentially hard or not.

Finally, in the "Precise flying" mission Hog Solo had some time to play with his favorite RC plane. In this mission you have to collect some crates and destroy some targets by using the RC plane :)

That's all the side missions that I have finished the last few days. Now I am working on some other side missions. I am going also to fix some bugs that have been reported and make a new windows build in a few days in case anyone else is interested in testing. So far Wuzzy and mikade have tested the campaign and their comments have been very helpful. Thank you guys. Everyone else interested in testing is very welcome.

That's all for now. I'll write you again in a few days!

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