Space Campaign, Near the end

Hi all!

The last week I focused my energy on fixing various bugs and making some last missions.

One mission that I worked is a side mission for the moon. In that mission hero has to capture the blue hog ("Crazy runner") 3 times. It's a shoppa style mission where the user has to use the rope effectively and go next to the blue hedgehog.

The prize after winning this mission is that the blue hedgehog will tell you about the Professor Hogevil origin!

This is the last mission that you'll have to play in order to finish the campaign. It's a very small mission that you will hopefully enjoy. It requires some thinking about how to use the available resources in order to execute the mission's objective. I won't say more about it :)

Other than that I have introduced some bonuses after completing some of the side missions that I have made.

More precisely, if you win the "Precise flying" mission you'll get one RC plane in "Searching in the dust". If you win the "Killing the specialists" you'll get more starting hit points and one Laser Sight for the next 4 times that you'll play the "The last encounter" and finally if you win the "Precise shooting" you'll get some extra ammo when you play the "Getting to the device".

So, as the campaign is finished I would love some more testing and feedback. Here you can find a windows build with the latest changes. Linux people, I have trust in you and your building from source skills :)


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