Spacetrip is a mission used as menu. Through this Hog Solo can travel to other planets.

The first time you play "A Space Adventure" Spacetrip will be the only available mission.

When the mission starts you will find Hog Solo along with H and Dr. Cornelius somewhere near to the PAotH base 17 in the rural Hogland. There Hog Solo will have to steal a spaceship from the PAotH base and go to the moon in order to refuel.

After that he'll have to visit the other planet's and complete their main missions.

You won't be able to visit another planet until you complete moon's main mission.

Visiting a planet

In order to visit a planet and play it's missions you have to travel there by flying saucer.

You have to select the "Spacetrip" mission from within the campaign page in front end and then use the flying sauce and fly to your destination.

Then, if you are able to play the missions of that planet the mission will end and you will get to the stats page.

There you'll have to press the back button and you can choose and play this planet's missions from the mission's drop down list.


* If the guard is watching towards your direction while you are getting the flying saucer you may take part in a battle. If you get hit and loose hit points you will start the moon's main mission with reduced hit points.

* When you complete the "Death Planet"'s main mission and play again the
"Spacetrip" mission the meteorite will appear.

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