Main mission: The first stop

The first stop

This is moon's main mission. This mission is mandatory in order to complete the campaign. You won't be able to travel to other planet's until you complete this mission.

Difficulty: 2/5


Hog Solo's first stop is moon in order to refuel his flying saucer. H has secretly communicate with some associates of hers there to wait for him and help him.

However an unexpected event had happened. Professor Hogevil, a sinister hedgehog who loves wealth and power, wants the anti-gravity device for himself in order to sell it in the black market.

So, as he feels threatened by Hog Solo he tries to finish his journey from the very beginning.

He has captured all the PAotH's scientists that were located in the moon's base and has set an ambush to Hog Solo.

One scientist was able to escape though and has tip Hog Solo about the ambush. Also, he was king enough to tell him about some hidden weapons that PAotH scientists had.

So Hog Solo will have to get these weapons and fight against Professor Hogevil.

Hints (**contains spoilers**)

* In order to win the battle you can kill all the thugs or only Professor Hogevil

* If you climb the weapons platform you will reach a checkpoint. Next time you play this mission Hog Solo will spawn there except if you have start playing another mission in between.

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