Main mission: Searching in the dust

Searching in the dust

This is the main mission of the Desert Planet. You have to complete this mission (along side with the main missions of Ice and Fruit Planets) before playing the Death Planet main mission.

Difficulty: 3/5


One of the stops of Hog Solo's journey is the Desert Planet! This planet is covered with sand and is inhabitant in the bigger part.

Far away from the cities there are dunes and tunnels. In one of these tunnels a part of the anti-gravity device is hidden.

Hog Solo has to explore the tunnel and find the part. In the tunnels there are smugglers who search for valuables and won't hesitate to attack Hog Solo for his belongings. Also, Hog Solo has to watch his steps as some tunnels are full of mines.

In order for him to win he has to find the crate that contains the lost part.

Hints (**contains spoilers**)

* Hog Solo has to pick both the two crates that are placed in the bottom of the map in order to win

* If you complete the "Precise flying" side mission first then you'll have an RC plane available at the start of this mission

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