Main mission: A frozen adventure

A frozen adventure

This is the main mission of the Ice Planet. You have to complete this mission (along side with the main missions of Desert and Fruit Planets) before playing the Death Planet main mission.

Difficulty: 4/5


One part of the anti-gravity device is hidden in the Ice Planet. After visiting the planet, Hog Solo asked the local PAotH associate if he knew something about it.

He replied that recently a local bandit leader called Thanta has found a strange device that could be what Hog Solo is looking for.

However, it's not easy to just go and ask Thanta the device!

Hog Solo has to brake into the bandits lair by using force and make Thanta give him the device.

Hints (**contains spoilers**)

* To get the first crate use the flying saucer and the bazooka underwater

* You can use the ice gun to turn the water surface into ice

* To complete the mission you have to go next to Thanta

* The strategy to go next to Thanta is to froze him and froze/kill the two nearby bandits and then froze the mines. Every few rounds you have to froze again the bandits until you reach Thanta

* Most of the mines are not specifically placed

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