Main mission: Bad timing

Bad timing

This is the first part of the main mission of the Fruit Planet. You have to complete this mission (along side with the main missions of Desert and Ice Planets) before playing the Death Planet main mission.

This mission has 2 possible outcomes. The choice that you'll make will affect the second part.

Taking part in battle
Difficulty: 5/5

Difficulty: 3/5


Another part of the anti-gravity device was hidden in the Fruit Planet!

When Hog Solo has set his foot on this planet, he asked the locals about someone that knew the surroundings very well in order to help him. Everyone suggested Captain Lime, the leader of the king's guard.

So, Hog Solo started his way to find him. Unfortunately, when he found him a battle between the king's guard and the Red Strawberries clan who wanted to get the dominion of the kingdom was about to begin.

Captain Lime who's army was short in numbers made a proposal to Hog Solo.

If he stayed and lead his guards in the battle he would help him afterwards. Otherwise he wouldn't and Hog Solo should leave immediately as the battle was about to begin.

If the hero chose to flee he should pass the enemy lines and then fly away with his saucer as the king's guard's anti-flying systems have been activated.

Hints (**contains spoilers**)

* The crate in the map contains a watermelon

* The enemies will get spawned in waves

* In case you take part in the battle you will lose if Captain Lime dies

* In case you take part in battle you have to kill only the visible enemies. That's the easiest way to win if you have good aim :)

* In case you flee the new hogs will spawn in the place that you have to go

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