Main mission: Getting to the device

Getting to the device

This is the second part of the main mission of the Fruit Planet. You have to complete this mission (along side with the main missions of Desert and Ice Planets) before playing the Death Planet main mission.

This mission has 2 possible outcomes accordingly to what choice you have made in the best part.

Difficulty: 3/5


If you have took part in the battle in part 1:

Captain Lime leads Hog Solo where he believes that the device part may be hidden and lent him 2 of his hogs to help him.

Hog Solo acquires the device but while going back to Captain Lime he gets to a random Red Strawberries ambush. Unfortunately he is low on weapons as he has used most of his ammo to the battle of part 1.

If you have fled in part 1:

Hog Solo goes by his own to find the missing part. However, he came across Captain Lime and some of his hogs. Captain Lime has survived the previous battle and now is going to explore the area for more enemies and for resources that he can use in the war.

As he hasn't many hogs available he proposes Hog Solo to explore the area along side with his hogs and if he finds the device that he seeks to keep it.

However, as it seems, he is going to betray him and keep the device for himself unless Hog Solo defends himself with his limited resources.

Hints (**contains spoilers**)

* If you have completed the "Precise shooting" mission you are going to have more ammo available

* Use the fire punch (shoryuken) to land to the right spot

* If you have to use the sniper rifle you should have enough distance from your target in order to inflict more damage

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