Main mission: The last encounter

The last encounter

This is the main mission of the Death Planet. You have to complete this mission before playing the meteorite's main mission.

Difficulty: 5/5


Hero visits the inhabitant Death Planet to search for the last part. However, surprisingly he is welcomed by Professor Hogevil.

It seems that Professor have survived their last encounter in moon and had plot a devious plan. He let Hog Solo to collect all the other parts and in the meanwhile he took prisoners H and Dr. Cornelius to exchange them.

As you can imagine the future of Hogera lies in the outcome of this battle!

Hog Solo has to defeat Professor Hogevil and his army, get the last part and save his friends.

Hints (**contains spoilers**)

* You'll get some bonuses the first 4 times you play this mission after completing the "Killing the specialists" mission

* You need to kill all the enemies in order to win

* The wind in the first round may play a significant role in winning this mission

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