Main mission: The big bang

The big bang

This is the main mission of the meteorite. This is the last main mission required to complete the campaign.

Difficulty: 3/5


After acquiring all the parts Hog Solo was ready to return to Hogera. However, as Dr. Cornelius informed him he had to perform one last task.

In order to save Hogera he had to travel to the meteorite and detonate some explosives that PAotH has previously sent to the meteorite. Unfortunately, the explosives trigger mechanism was broken and so Hog Solo has to find another way to detonate them.

If he fails to do so the anti-gravity device won't be able to set the meteorite out of collision order in such a short distance from Hogera!

Hints (**contains spoilers**)

* Portal gun doesn't work on all the surfaces

* Use shoryuken to land on the correct spot

* Think in portals!

* Watch where you stand as it's going to be a huge explosion!

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