Side mission: Chasing the blue hog

Chasing the blue hog

This is a moon's side mission. It's not mandatory to complete it in order to complete the campaign.

Difficulty: 5/5


After Hog Solo's encounter with Professor Hogevil in PAotH's moon station, Hog Solo decided to learn why Professor Hogevil wants so badly the anti-gravity device.

After asking around he learned that the hermit who lived in the dark side of the moon, known as Soneek the Crazy runner may know something about it as in the past he was a PAotH officer.

Hog Solo went to visit and ask Crazy runner and he said that he will tell him whatever he knows about Professor Hogevil if he manages to win him in a game of chase!

Who is the faster?

Hints (**contains spoilers**)

* The time that you'll have left when you catch the Crazy runner will be added in the next round

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