A Space Adventure

Hello everyone,

Google summer of code has come to an end and so the space campaign :)

Here is a promo video that I have made for the campaign:

Other than that I would like to share with you this wiki page that has
stuff related to the campaign. In most cases there is a wiki page about each mission that includes a section about the story line of each mission and some hints about it.

Both the story line and the hints sections may contain spoilers. So I suggest to use it as a reference to find out a hint about a mission that you cannot complete or about an optional mission that you are not sure if you want to play or not.

Of course if you have any suggestions for the wiki pages after playing the campaign you are more than welcome to make any additions or changes.

Finally I'd like to thanks the hedgewars team for their help during the
making of the campaign and mikade and Wuzzy for their suggestions/bug reports.

I hope GSoC to be only the start of my contribution to hedgewars and I look forward to my further involvement in it in my spare time.

Thanks :)

Congratulations on completing the campaign!

Congratulation man. You did an execelent job! You worked hard on it. I'll love to finish it in .20. BTW nice video Wink Smiley

Thank you for your kind comments! I hope you enjoy playing it Smile

release date?

AFAIK there isn't a release date yet but guys are working on 0.9.20 and I think that it will be released soon. I'll post an update when I know something more.

From what I heard, it's going to be on Hedgewars' birthday

Wonderful !
Impatient to play it !!!
great work

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