Hedgewars 0.9.21 Released

0.9.21 is finally here! There's some great stuff to look forward to this year. Let's get right to it!

New Map Generation

There's a type of randomly generated maps: Perlin Maps! Old randomly generated maps should be more diverse now, too. We've also added a stylish slider for adjusting land generation detail.

Better World Edge: Sea!

The sea world edge has been revamped and is looking great! It also supports freezing and saucer-based travel.

New Hats

Better Frontend

* Moved room status filter to top left of rooms list.
* Game scheme screen has a "Script parameter" field now. This allows to make more customizable scripts/modes.
* High resolution previews!
* Preview for dynamic maps generated by game style scripts (e.g. "ShoppaMap))!

New Mission: Climb Home

A little something for the shoppers! In this epic mission you are a long way from home and must race against the rising tide as menacing mines and capricious cakes seeking to undo you.

New Training

  • There are seven new Target Practice missions to help you improve your aim!
  • Some of the old training levels have been modified to give you improved statistics at the end of the mission.

New Modes: Tech Racer

Currently, the Hedgewars server hosts a variety of awesome racing maps. But, usually these maps just involve a bare landscape that hogs race across using rope. Tech Racer aims to add an element of variety and excitement to the mix. In this mode you will be able to race around custom maps full of mines, crates and barrels. What's more, areas of the landscape will be fully destructible, meaning you might be required to dig a tunnel, or blow a hole through part of the map to finish it.

Construction Mode

We've always talked about implementing a construction mode where you could build a large fort complete with barrels, mines and crates. Now, it's here! We've also added the idea of "structures" to the mode. Structures can be placed anywhere in your fort's territory, and offer a wide range of benefits for those who build them.

Here is a list of the structures that have currently been implemented:

Healing Station: This medical masterpiece miraculously regenerates the life of any friendly hogs who stand near it. What's more, it even BOOSTS their health all the way up to 150! Wow!

Teleportation Node: Walking is for plebs! The amazing structure allows any nearby hogs to teleport to any other node in their territory.

Bio-Filter: This beastly device will violently target and explode enemy hedgehogs who stray too close.

Respawner: In the event of your horrifying and untimely death, this reliable respawner will replace your ravaged husk with a fresh clone. Neat!

Generator: Do you think war is cheap, soldier? Melon bombs don't grow on trees, you know. Luckily, generators grant us a steady steam of income we can use to furnish our fort with mines, barrels, crates, structures - you name it!

Support Station: This station allows a nearby hog to purchase and teleport weapon, utility, and health crates anywhere within their territory.

Construction Station: Crates are great and all, but an intense defense is even better! The construction station allows a nearby hog to purchase and place girders, rubber bands, mines, sticky mines, and barrels across their territory.

Reflector Shield: Being shot is for chumps! The reflector will reflect most incoming projectiles back towards their point of origin, as well dissolve pesky threats like fire or napalm.

Weapon-Filter: Do you dislike being murdered? Do you want to deter horrible hogs from your fort, but can't afford a Bio-Filter? Never fear! This inexpensive and handy screen will detect any weapons and gear carried by nearby enemy hogs and instantly vaporize them. Take pride in interrogating and/or gruesomely executing disarmed invaders at your leisure!

Better Control

Switch through hogs in reverse order with PRECISE+HOGSWITCH (left shift + tab, by default). Wow!

More Customization

Highlander game mode can now be used with custom weapon schemes (1-8=How probable to get this weapon. 9=All hogs get it)

And much more!

  • Network game rejoining! Note: Your team(s) will vanish after 3 turns.
  • Many bug fixes and tweaks!
  • Fixed drill rockets sometimes exploding on impact.
  • Fixed trainings being broken due to indestructible targets/crates.
  • Sinegun won't shoot through -solid- land anymore.
  • Improved Lua Support:
  • Check out the ChangeLog if you want to see a more complete list of the changes.

You can get the new version from the download section

Please be a bit patient though, it may take a while till all installers/packages for all supported operating systems are available.

From the hedgewars team,

That was quite a list of additions heh.
I've personally tried some of them, and most of them are either neat or awesome =P

Congratulations to the Hedgewars team for pulling this off once again, and finally happy Christmas Smile

Other additions: 2 new themes!

Cake (based on Candy_v1 by Randi) and Hoggywood (from Hoggywood_v3).

PS: Great work to everyone who parcitipated on continously working on and improving Hedgewars! Hedgewars is a good example on what free software communities can achieve. Smile

Yeah, sorry 'bout the themes and such. mikade was working on this post, and they were kinda added last minute.

Many thanks devs for the new release! Merry Christmas! Smile

EDIT: Lol, the new cake theme's making me very hungry!

Another year, another release. Congrats Devs on your hard work, long live Hedgewars Big Grin

By the way, did anyone recognize the weird date of this news? XD
It’s a news from the past!

Wuzzy allegedly wrote:

By the way, did anyone recognize the weird date of this news? XD
It’s a news from the past!

I have no idea what you're talking about. Pee? Big Grin

Ow, yea Big Grin

Awesome! Can't wait to try it out! Pls release a mac version ASAP!

awilhelmscream allegedly wrote:

Awesome! Can't wait to try it out! Pls release a mac version ASAP!

koda is celebrating xmas, but hopefully he'll be on it soon. Maybe could dual boot linux or windows? ☺

Thanks for working in this great game!

Wonderfull, congratulation for the work !!
Merry christmas, thank for the gift Smile

nemo allegedly wrote:

awilhelmscream allegedly wrote:

Awesome! Can't wait to try it out! Pls release a mac version ASAP!

koda is celebrating xmas, but hopefully he'll be on it soon. Maybe could dual boot linux or windows? ☺

In theory, yes, but in fact the performance makes the game unplayable. So yeah, I can only hope Koda is done with his X-Mas celebrations soon... Wink Smiley

Huh... performance? Makes me think you're using a virtual machine and not dual booting.

But yeah, hopefully he'll be back soon.

It's really nice to see this game still evolving after all these years. I was playing hedgewars when I was 8 and I'm going to play it when I will be 80. Thanks for everything, you're awesome! Big Grin

The game engine died unexpectedly!
(exit code 217)

We are very sorry for the inconvenience Sad Smiley

If this keeps happening, please click the 'Feedback' button in the main menu!

Not fixed in starting the game error screen Sad Smiley

Can you give us more detail? Does that happen for you every time?
Please consider coming by live chat to discuss it further and filing a bug on our bug tracker.

Followup... Looks like there's a custom map bug :-/
Engine errors instead of telling you you are missing the map. That could be your issue.

Great release! And I'm glad that candy theme has been added. Smile

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