Happy Halloweeen!

If you start up Hedgewars today you'll be greeted by the spooooky background of the Halloween theme. We remind you to beware of any suspicious pumpkins you see on the battlefield--they could be hedgehogs in disguise!

In other news, today is also doubly important as it is Hedgewars' birthday!
Happy birthday and congrats everyone.
12 years and still going. Hedgewars is almost an unruly teenager.
Party hats for all!

Weeee !!!! Hedgewars Birthday !!!

Happy Birthday Hedgewars,,, I Hope You Life Longer and Get MORE AND MORE Friends Big Grin

Pumpkins ? hehe,,, its an Easter ! i like it Smile
Please add other Easter Egg like,,, ummm,,, A Cake Hat when we going Birthday ? idk ;/

I Really like the images,,, a hedgehog ,,, or i say, Hedgewars itself,,, cool !; can i get another hats like that ???

hmmm,,, Do someone have a Cake for this Celebrations ??? I kinda Hungry for comments here XD ,,,


terror allegedly wrote:

stop take any drugz

ROFL Hahahahaha XD

K_k !!!

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