POLL: Freezer/Icegun in Highlander weaponset

Frozen hog! What are your thoughts about the Freezer/Ice weapon in Highlander?

This poll might affect whether or not that weapon gets removed from the default Highlander weaponset.

EDIT: Poll closed. Thank you for your participation!

I don't actually hate it, but I wouldn't miss it either.
27% (11 votes)
Hate it!
27% (11 votes)
Love it!
20% (8 votes)
I don't really love it, but I would miss it.
15% (6 votes)
No opinion.
12% (5 votes)
Total voters: 41

I remove it from my schemes but I still enjoy using it in other player's games. I think just change it so no one can freeze me Smile

Perhaps make freeze less powerful. Flame droplets should melt the ice very fast.

I agree with Sektor
Weaker/Shorter Freeze would be a great idea if it's a hard decision of remove it or not

But still...

I hate it! DOH!

Well, "hate" may be a bit impolite (though I voted it).

It's better to say that I'd love a highlander without ice more.

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