[Wallpaper] Ice Cleam :3 ?

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Meow :3 ?
I mean, hello in kitten language Big Grin !

I'm here bring you guys a Hedge-Present!
Its another little wallpaper though =)

I create it when I thinking about Hedgewars and found an Idea lying in my little head with a cute Hedgehog inside it
And voila! (lol)
This 'simple' Wallpaper finished! And I use it until now
And yeah, it's Ice Cleam request!

Well, you may say this however, lack in quality or have some flaws in it
But I'll say yup! You're right! Its just a little hedgehog!
Without considering its quality, I just love how cute he is xD!

Wallpaper Descriptions:

  • Title: "Ice Cleam"
  • Version: 1.0
  • Format: PNG
  • Size: 2770 KB
  • Dimension: 1440x1440 px
  • License: LGPL v3 -> or later
  • Cost: Free
  • Author: idk =/

Without further-do
I'll give you the gift:

"Please buy me an Ice Cleam :3"

Download: Ice Cleam(v1).png

One more thing: I love you :3


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