The seed is a text value which is used as the source for all randomness in the game, including map generation, random hedgehog positions, etc.

Using the same seed will lead to the same map and other random things in the game.

If you like a particular random map, you need to write down the seed, the map complexity and the map type. To play on the same random map, just enter the correct values again.

Seed format

The seed is just a sequence of characters with a length of 1-54 bytes. Almost all characters are permitted in the seed.

Here are some examples for seeds:

  • {aca6171a-8c9a-4052-ab46-f106ff962d8d}
  • {4756ba87-ec5d-49f3-9910-4cade3d887d1}
  • Hedgewars is fun!
  • 人算不如天算

Randomizing everything but the map

If you want to play on the same random map, but want different hedgehog positions, weapon crate drops, and other random events in the game, there's a special seed format you can use.

Just put a pipe character (“|”) in the seed. The part before the pipe will be used to generate the map while everything after the pipe will be used for everything else.

Example: The following seeds all generate the same map, but with different hedgehog positions, crate drops, etc.:

  • XFeL32fOR|abc
  • XFeL32fOR|Y
  • XFeL32fOR|439024

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