By registering an account on, you gain a couple of goodies. It's free.

On the website

  • You can write posts and topics in the forum.
  • You can comment on the news.
  • You can upload demos.

In online games

You don't need an account to play on the official server. But if you have an account, there are a few benefits:

  • You own your name. No other player can take it.
  • You are able to re-join games that you have left (see also: Leaving a game).
  • You can play in the special “Official Racer Challenge” room in the official server, which tracks your records
  • You can enter rooms that are restricted to registered players only.
  • Your icon in the player list (next to chat) will become colorful (see also: player chat icons)

Reporting bugs

Sadly, to report bugs on the official bugtracker, you will need to register a separate account here:

We like it if players post on the official bugtracker directly, but you can also post in the forum.

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