Online features

This is an overview of the special features that surrounds online play.


If you don't know how to even join in online games, read Network Game Guide.



A room is where players meet to prepare a game. Read Room for more.

Auto Skip

You can automatically skip turns. See Auto Skip.

Leaving a game

Online, players can leave at any time, causing their hogs to skip turns and eventually escape the battlefield. But registered players can return and reclaim their team. See Leaving a game.



You don't need an account to play on the official server, but doing so will unlock a few special features. See Accounts.

Player list

In the lobby and in rooms, there's a list of players. You can rightclick the names for more features. Also, every player has icons. See Player chat icons.


Every player can send text messages via chat. There are also chat commands. For details, see chat.


The server is responsible for listing available rooms to play and to help players meet. You can play on the official server, but it's also possible for people to host their own server.

See Server administration for technical information.

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