A room is part of online play. It is a place where players meet to prepare a game.

Room host

Each room has a room host who sets the rules and starts the game. Room hosts can also delegate control to another player by using the context menu in the player listf. Room hosts can also kick players out of their room, set a password, prevent unregistered players from joining, and some other things.

Every player can become a room host by creating a room.


Every player can add a team (or multiple teams). You need at least one team to participate, otherwise, you will spectate.

To add teams, click the desired teams in the box on the lower right. To remove teams, click on them in the top-right box. You can set the color of a team by clicking the colored box next to the team name, and also increase the number of hogs available by clicking on one of the hogs next to the team color.

In addition to team selection, the room host has a few additional options, detailed below:

  • Map: Select the game map (generated map for randomly-generated map)
  • Map size: Type of maps to be put in the map list
  • Themes: Look & feel of game environment
  • Style: One of the styles, which are mostly used for different game modes
  • Scheme: The game scheme, overall settings of game (modifiable by clicking the pencil)
  • Weapons: The weapon scheme, variety of boom-crash at your disposal (also modifiable by clicking pencil)
  • Room control: From this menu, you can stop people from joining the game or adding their teams to the “Playing Teams” box

Get ready

Every player in a room can and should click on the light bulb button to signify when they're ready.

If the light bulb is on, the player is ready, if it's off, the player is not ready.

The room host should start the game when everyone is ready. The room host can also forcefully start the game earlier, but it might be considered rude by some players.

Playing with unofficial maps, themes, forts or scripts

IMPORTANT: If the room host selects any map (except drawn maps), theme or style that is not officicially included in Hedgewars, the game will only work if all players have installed all the neccessary resources.

When playing with forts, if any player uses an unofficial fort, then all players must have the fort installed.

In the selection list of maps, styles, themes, etc., there's a special icon for unofficial files.

As a player, the map, style or theme name will appear in a red font for you, if you have not installed the file. In this case, ask the room host to send you the file somehow.

Drawn maps, game schems and weapon schemes are safe, however. You don't need to share those manually.

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