Note: This page is about Hedgewars screenrecordings. For the replays that you can view in Hedgewars, see Demo.

A video is a screenrecording of a Hedgewars game. It records whatever can be seen in the Hedgewars screen. Videos use a standard video file format such as MP4.


Your Hedgewars build needs to support video recording for this feature to work. If you find a videos button in the main menu, video recordings are supported, otherwise, they aren't.

Start playback

To view videos, you need a media player software, for example, VLC media player.

To see the list of recorded videos, go into the main menu and click on the videos button. In this menu you find a list of all videos with some additional info about the files.


To start recording your Hedgewars screen, press the recording key (“R” by default). A red circle and word “rec” will appear, which means you are currently recording. To stop recording, either press the recording key again or quit the game. You can record multiple videos in the same game, each recording will become a separate file.

As soon the game has ended, Hedgewars will start encoding the video(s), which will take some time. The longer the recording(s), the longer the encoding will take. You need to keep Hedgewars running until it's finished. Don't worry, Hedgewars will warn you if you try to quit with unfinished videos.

You can see the progress of each video in the videos menu.


See Configuration.


Videos are saved under the Videos directory in your user directory.

By default, Hedgewars uses the MP4 file format to save videos.

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