Worms And Hogs: The Discord Union

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Heya. Do you want to get more players joining your quality clone and getting off to Hog Rumble? Do you want to play with your fellow inspiration and get a larger playerbase by creating an union with it? Then look no further - I've got you covered. For all hogs interested in uniting with their idea makers, here are two Discord servers to join the war and invite into it:
Worms United: Reincarnation (TeamWormers) server: https://discord.gg/fYadXPvGqu (It's primarily Russian, but there used to be an English chat as well).
Official Hedgewars Discord server: https://discord.gg/HrFtHhpbvh.
For all these peeps who aren't interested and/or are are majorily against Discord due to their own trauma with it or something else, you're free to skip go past this offer until you'll find the wits to join one of these servers (or maybe both). Besides, I don't want to force you to join the thing at all, you're free to choose your decisions yourself. Only you determine your decisions, nobody else. We still have an evil force to defeat, something that stole and plagiated both sides of our union for its own good, and what better way than to unite against it. The Wormix/Bombix dynasty seems to keep on going strong even through it has commited great sins (and got caught in the act for one). So, let's get this Worm/Hog party started and finish the evil cheap copycat of US. Join the Worm/Hog union now and get major benefits of peace and playtime while dealing with the evil bandit gang of Pragmatix. All hail Worms and Hedgehogs, curse Wormix/Bombix.

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