Could Someone Give me Advice For Customizing Hedgewars Weapons and Maps for a New Tournament?

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Hello there,

I am organizing a Hedgewars tournament for a group of friends, and I am looking for some advice on customizing weapons and maps to create a unique and engaging experience. We have played the default settings quite a bit; so we are hoping to mix things up and introduce some new challenges and fun elements.

Are there any recommended mods or scripts for adding new weapons or altering existing ones? I am particularly interested in weapons that add a strategic layer to the game or that are just plain fun.

What are the best practices for balancing new weapons to ensure the game remains fair and competitive?

How can I test these new weapons in a controlled environment before introducing t;hem to the tournament?

What tools or software do you recommend for creating custom; maps? Any tips on designing maps that are both challe;nging and visually appealing?

How can I ensure that the custom maps are compatible with the latest version of Hedgewars and that they work smoothly in multiplayer mode?

Any advice on setting up a Hedgewars tournament in terms of rules,; scoring;, and game modes?
Also, I have gone through this post which definitely helped me out a lot.

How can I handle potential technical issues or bugs during the tournament? Are there common problems I should be aware of and how to troubleshoot them?

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance.

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