stuck in the rock

Flying Saucer Teleport Bug

Another proof of this bug, found in 0.9.22:

[Bug] Shoppa game crash

I was the host in this game. One of the players left via ping timeout and returned as normal, several rounds later the game locked up. The demo doesn't reflect it, but lag occurred for roughly 5 minutes. During this time I kicked all the players individually and let them rejoin. The lag unexpectedly resolved, but the game hung and crashed 8 seconds into the turn of the current player.

Harsh Blox gameplay

fancy+crazy rules (take a look in esc when the demo begins)
being harsh = suffer :P

Overpopulated Knockball fun

It was jaw-dropping killing multiple hedges simultaneously :DD

Mass Basketball Fun

it was fun until well, very few hedges were left Smile

Sheep being ass kicked

His team was first, he started winning until the last part, i flipped the table out of nowhere and started outnumbering him until i just got him :DD
Note: Discrete viewing advised as chat is NFSW.

Air mine bug 2, endless splash sound

Watch from 21:00, focus on the red hog being attacked and the airmine below him in the water. At 21:10 there's awful sound, lasting 25 seconds until the situation resolved.

Air mine bug

Watch from 1:20

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