Shoppa on .21v

Funny shoppa with Rom1 and Jessmaestro
Hay que enseñarle a escribir mejor y reirse menos xD (?

[Bug] Wrong count of victims

Hedgewars 0.9.22 / Linux

See the attached demo.
I finished a game by throwing a mudball at two hogs and pushing them in the water. Finally hitting the third an last hog with the baseball bat.

The end statistic shows only two hogs eliminated by my hog.

Inf. attack mode bug

My Hog disappeared??? min 3:05

I was playing with Devil, and my princess disappeared (the blue one). What happened????

prooo kami

mikade pro min 9 - shoppa
funny game

trophy under 20 part 2 of server not saving

it happens from 09:55

Bug: immortal hog

Bug happens after harribel's turn (blue team).

Possible cause: kami initiated just before mine explosion.


no dmg from kami?

if perform kami on 3 hogs dmg get only 1

Crazy Cheese & Deagle Highlander Terror

A Highlander game (with custom schemes) in 0.9.21.

Don't mind me complaining about the Deagles, but two weridnesses can be seen:

1: When the cheese is thrown, the stink flies into the wrong direction.
2: I once managed to kill a hog, but I didn't get its weapons.

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