What have we been doing?

So it's been quite a while between updates, which is unusual for Hedgewars these days.

So perhaps you're wondering what's been going on?

I'm going to give you a run down of some of the goodies you're going to find in 0.9.7. It's a long list (and for once a lot of it ISN'T on the svn!) I won't include everything. But I'll cover some of the major features.


First off, we've been developing a new frontend. That better suites the game. It's not finished yet (and I know a lot of you monkeys have been snatching it off of the svn) but I'll show some pictures anyway. The previous pictures were mockups, these are in game pictures :)





As you can see, it's a lot more interesting than the old plane gray interface.


Next we have the hats feature, hats are a means of customizing your Hedgehog, there will be 60+ hats to choose from in the 0.9.7 release, we're already up to a wonderful 42. You can follow progress on that in the forums. Hats include old school video game characters, rockstars, fruits, star wars and all sorts of other cool things you've always wanted to see a Hedgehog wear.




Next, as always, we bring you new themes! 

So far the 0.9.7 release is going to contain 11 themes! That's 6 more themes!

Some of these are on the SVN, some are not.

Here we have a fully fledged bath theme, complete with foamy terrain, toothbrushes and rubber ducks.

Next we have a Bamboo theme, complete with bamboo bridges and beautiful pink cherry blossom.

 Next up is the freeway! Car tires, road signs, discarded trash!

Next up on our tour is...well hell, brimstone, ash and bones await.


 Next up is a rather curious.. sheep.. theme, it has sheep, and stuff.

And finally, we take our Hedgehog pals to new heights.. or should that be depths, with the underwater theme! Glug glug!


I think this one will impress you, with clever use of the theme setup, you have rolling animated waves, beautiful shafts of light and sea life!


Besides the themes, we're also going to be adding a new weapon, I hinted at it in an earlier post, the seduction weapon! Enables your Hedgehog to dress up as a girl and blow a lovely kiss to an enemy hog, that will cause it to uncontrollably leap in your general direction!

I've also set about redrawing lots of small graphics here and there to raise the overall quality of the game. 

Here's the new zooka and rope



Aside from that, there's been a lot of general cleanup, smooth AA waves, new menu icons. Lots of little fixes here and there.

Oh and we have a brand new website design, that better fits the game, coming your way soon!


The game now also has a wonderful full sound track (and theme song!)

I'm very excited about the 0.9.7 release, I hope you are too and I'd love to hear your thoughts as always.






Breaking News!!

First implementations of Atmostrophic's chat box!



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