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Christmas, hedgewars style...

You didn't think we'd forgotten about you did you?

Christmas is coming, and we've been working on a present.. just for you!
If everything goes well a Christmas update will be coming your way soon.

There are various new weapons and features in there, but I want those to stay a surprise for now.. but there is one HUGE feature included in this release I thought I'd tell you about..

I'll let a development screenshot do the talking :)

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3 :)

Yup, you can draw your own maps in game :) you can save them, share them, and soon you'll be able to upload them to hedgewars.org too.

Nima's Hedgewars comics!

Nima's Hedgewars Comics!  Click to read

0.9.14 developers preview


The other night we decided to try something new, we wanted to update you on our progress with a video, including some commentary from a group of devs.

So, myself, Armagon and Firefox took to a multiplayer game and attempted to show some of it off.
In advance, I apologise for the quality of my mic, this was a last minute video. But hopefully you'll enjoy seeing what we've been up too

Hi Reddit

Just whilst we're recieving a ton of hits from you, I wanted to say hi and thanks for supporting Hedgewars. I'm as addicted to reddit as the rest of you, and I hope I can get just a few of you addicted to Hedgewars.


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